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From Nvidia’s Record-Breaking To Zuckerberg’s Take On Sam Altman’s AI Dream And More: AI Developments This Week


In a week full of tech news, some of the industry’s biggest names have made headlines. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms Inc. META, shared his thoughts on Sam Altman‘s ambitious chipmaking plan. Meanwhile, CNBC’s Jim Cramer urged investors to take heed of Nvidia Corp‘s NVDA success as it hit record highs. As if that wasn’t enough, Elon Musk criticized Google’s AI for its flawed image generation, and Nvidia’s Q4 earnings beat expectations, causing a stir in the tech market.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Take on Sam Altman’s AI Dream – Zuckerberg weighed in on OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s plan to raise $7 trillion to build the infrastructure necessary to power artificial intelligence systems. Zuckerberg admitted the figure was “astronomical” but expressed his belief in the importance of such an endeavor. Read the full article here.

Jim Cramer on Nvidia’s Record-Breaking Success – CNBC’s Jim Cramer highlighted Nvidia’s extraordinary performance, urging investors to look beyond skepticism and believe in a stock’s potential. He pointed out that many investors had overlooked the company’s long-term prospects due to concerns about macro events like Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. Read the full article here.

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Elon Musk Strikes Out at Google’s AI – Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, criticized the senior director for Gemini Experiences following controversy over Google’s AI chatbot, which had been generating inaccurate images of historical figures. Musk stated that the Gemini project was “directionally correct” but had missed the mark. Read the full article here.


Nvidia’s Q4 Earnings Surpass Expectations – Nvidia Corp reported Q4 results and forward guidance that exceeded optimistic forecasts. The company reported non-GAAP earnings per share of $5.16, beating a Street consensus estimate of $4.64, and Q4 revenue of $22.10 billion, which surpassed a Street estimate of $20.62 billion. Read the full article here.

Analysts Hail Nvidia’s Q4 Performance – Wedbush’s Dan Ives compared Nvidia’s exceptional Q4 performance to a “Taylor Swift moment” for the tech market, emphasizing its impact on the ongoing tech bull market. Read the full article here.

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