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Potential Trump Return Stirs Japanese Businesses, Wealthy Americans Evading Taxes, Saudi Arabia’s Economic Challenges And ‘Swiftonomics’: Top Economics News This Week


This week was brimming with impactful news stories. From potential political shifts triggering business concerns in Japan, to the IRS cracking down on tax evasion among the wealthy, there was no shortage of stories that could reshape the global economic landscape.

Moreover, the ongoing decoupling between China and the tech world is causing significant shifts in the semiconductor industry. At the same time, Saudi Arabia’s ambitious development plans are facing economic roadblocks, leading to unprecedented borrowing and potential stock sales. Lastly, Indonesia is considering a unique approach to boost its tourism sector. Let’s dive into these stories.

Potential Return of Trump Stirs Japanese Businesses
The possible comeback of former President Donald Trump is causing apprehension among Japanese businesses. A recent Reuters poll reveals that nearly half of Japanese firms view a potential Trump presidency as a risk to their operations. The main concerns stem from the protectionist policies that marked Trump’s previous term. Read the full article here.

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IRS Targets Tax Evasion Among the Wealthy
IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel disclosed that wealthy Americans are dodging taxes amounting to over $150 billion annually. This evasion is contributing to a perceived lack of fairness in the tax system. The IRS is now dedicating significant resources to curb this issue. Read the full article here.

Taiwanese Chip Firms Expand in Japan Amid China Decoupling
Taiwanese chip companies are establishing a stronger presence in Japan in response to the U.S.’s efforts to stifle China’s advancements in cutting-edge semiconductors. Alchip Techs ALCPF, a custom chipmaker, has been shifting its research and development roles from China to Japan. Read the full article here.


Saudi Arabia Contemplates Unprecedented Borrowing
Saudi Arabia’s ambitious development projects are straining the country’s finances, leading to unprecedented borrowing and potential stock sales in Saudi Aramco. The high-profile projects, led by the country’s sovereign wealth fund, are significantly depleting its cash reserves. Read the full article here.

Indonesia Eyes ‘Swiftonomics’ to Boost Tourism
In an effort to revitalize its tourism sector, Indonesia is considering the implementation of the ‘Swiftonomics’ strategy. The government plans to offer more incentives for hosting music, sports, and cultural events to attract more tourists and extend their stays. Read the full article here.

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