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This Is What Whales Are Betting On Diamondback Energy


Financial giants have made a conspicuous bullish move on Diamondback Energy. Our analysis of options history for Diamondback Energy FANG revealed 17 unusual trades.

Delving into the details, we found 52% of traders were bullish, while 47% showed bearish tendencies. Out of all the trades we spotted, 6 were puts, with a value of $681,584, and 11 were calls, valued at $619,457.

Expected Price Movements

Analyzing the Volume and Open Interest in these contracts, it seems that the big players have been eyeing a price window from $170.29 to $230.0 for Diamondback Energy during the past quarter.

Insights into Volume & Open Interest

Examining the volume and open interest provides crucial insights into stock research. This information is key in gauging liquidity and interest levels for Diamondback Energy’s options at certain strike prices. Below, we present a snapshot of the trends in volume and open interest for calls and puts across Diamondback Energy’s significant trades, within a strike price range of $170.29 to $230.0, over the past month.

Diamondback Energy 30-Day Option Volume & Interest Snapshot


Largest Options Trades Observed:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Ask Bid Price Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
FANG PUT SWEEP BEARISH 01/17/25 $33.7 $31.9 $33.57 $230.00 $255.1K 0 77
FANG PUT TRADE BEARISH 12/20/24 $11.6 $11.2 $11.5 $190.00 $230.0K 6 200
FANG CALL SWEEP BULLISH 05/17/24 $10.1 $10.0 $10.1 $197.82 $120.8K 2.3K 380
FANG CALL SWEEP BULLISH 05/17/24 $9.9 $9.9 $9.9 $197.82 $113.8K 2.3K 500
FANG CALL SWEEP BEARISH 07/19/24 $9.3 $9.2 $9.3 $207.82 $93.0K 170 111

About Diamondback Energy

Diamondback Energy is an independent oil and gas producer in the United States. The company operates exclusively in the Permian Basin. At the end of 2022, the company reported net proven reserves of 2.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Net production averaged about 448,000 barrels per day in 2023, at a ratio of 59% oil, 21% natural gas liquids, and 20% natural gas.

Present Market Standing of Diamondback Energy

  • Currently trading with a volume of 849,861, the FANG’s price is up by 0.45%, now at $201.28.
  • RSI readings suggest the stock is currently may be overbought.
  • Anticipated earnings release is in 27 days.

What Analysts Are Saying About Diamondback Energy

Over the past month, 5 industry analysts have shared their insights on this stock, proposing an average target price of $210.4.

  • An analyst from Stifel persists with their Buy rating on Diamondback Energy, maintaining a target price of $224.
  • Consistent in their evaluation, an analyst from Piper Sandler keeps a Overweight rating on Diamondback Energy with a target price of $227.
  • Maintaining their stance, an analyst from Mizuho continues to hold a Buy rating for Diamondback Energy, targeting a price of $200.
  • An analyst from Evercore ISI Group has decided to maintain their Outperform rating on Diamondback Energy, which currently sits at a price target of $215.
  • Maintaining their stance, an analyst from Morgan Stanley continues to hold a Overweight rating for Diamondback Energy, targeting a price of $186.

Trading options involves greater risks but also offers the potential for higher profits. Savvy traders mitigate these risks through ongoing education, strategic trade adjustments, utilizing various indicators, and staying attuned to market dynamics. Keep up with the latest options trades for Diamondback Energy with Benzinga Pro for real-time alerts.


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